When people tell you well known facts about your favorite popstars and act like they’re educating you.


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There should be professional fangirls. We shall all go to fangirl college and take classes like History of Ships, BrOTP or OTP, How to Get Retweeted: The Art of Twitter as it Relates to Band Members, Feels 101, and Fanfiction Writing. When we graduate, we all get paid to do the dedicated things we already do for our beautiful idiots. Also, the band you fangirl over COMES TO GRADUATION.

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i don’t understand why it’s illegal to have sex with a miner they provide us with coal and electricity they deserve a little fun

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Christmas Movie Super List


A Christmas Story - here
A Miracle on 34th Street (1947) - Here
A Miracle on 34th street (1994) - Here
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation - Here
The Polar Express - Here
The Muppet’s Christmas Carol - Here
The Santa Clause - Here
Scrooged - Here
Holiday Inn - Here